• Document Management Solutions (DMS)
  • Our objective is to help shape and direct the digitization agenda of government and private institutions.
  • Healthcare Document Management Solution (HDMS)
  • We provide accurate and reliable medical transcription services to individual physicians, group practices, clinics and hospitals.
  • Biometric Identification Solutions Supply & Printing
  • We promote the formation of the consolidated identification and verification solution based on the universal biometric platform.
  • Enterprise Identity and Access Management Solution (EIAMS)
  • Every enterprise needs to identify its employees, contractors, visitors, and vendors etc. who enter the physical or virtual premises of the enterprise.
  • Document Warehousing & Archival Solutions
  • DocuPro offers organizations the best off-site document and data storage available in Ghana and West Africa.

Document Management Solutions (DMS)

With regards to digitization and document management our objective therefore was to partner with an experienced world class player in this space. We found this partnership in DocuWare GmbH Europe.

As a technology oriented company, we strongly believe that realizing the benefits of digitization will require a collaborative public and private effort to bring document digitization to Ghana and the rest of the sub-region. As a result, we have positioned ourselves to assist institutions realize the benefits of this technology.

Our objective is to help shape and direct the digitization agenda of government and private institutions. We work hard to understand your challenges and combine our expertise with your collaboration to find the right solutions to adequately address them. We assist our clients through the collaboration of world class industry players to build the digital capabilities needed to make the solution work for you.

We have supported our clients with end-to-end solutions, determining how our strengths and capabilities will be brought to bear in their businesses, so they can be more competitive by being effective and efficient in their service delivery. These capabilities are unique to each company and contribute to differentiating it in the market place. We finally help our clients build digital capabilities, by working alongside them on the key processes, systems and tools, knowledge and skills, as well as organization that enable them to gain and sustain essential advantage in an increasingly digitized world.

Our digitization capabilities include text, image and audio digitization. We plan the project process according to the specific needs of our clients. We analyze and assess the broad aspect of the project and advice on the relevant technical requirements that will produce the expected results.

In order to meet the global standards required for such projects, we have partnered with DocuWare an international organization specializing in document management, preservation and storage. This local and international collaboration enables us to provide our clients with industry-standard Document Digitization and Archiving Services.

DocuPro aims to use our local expertise and international partnerships to assist clients achieve their objective of digitally managing documents which we believe will bring convenience to their operations.

DocuPro’s fundamental document preservation solution which also includes the attendant hardware and any third party tools of which we support organizations in acquiring at reasonable price, from genuine source and of highest quality. We provide the following services:

  • Automated Form Processing/Data Capture (ICR, OCR, BCR, OMP),
  • Biometric Identification Cards Supply & Printing,
  • Biometric Data Capturing and Integration,
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR),
  • Business Process Redesign, Automation and Management,
  • Digital Archival,
  • Document Imaging Bureau Services,
  • Electronic and Digital Signature,
  • Electronic Business Forms and Machine-Readable Business Forms,
  • Electronic Records and Document Management Solutions (ERDMS),
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM),
  • Paper Records Management

Healthcare Document Management Solutions (HDMS)

DocuPro is a professionally managed Healthcare Solution provider offering integrated solutions to various medical facilities and clients’ the world over to cater to various business needs.

DocuPro specializes in different verticals in Medical transcription and Healthcare Documentation Management services and Medical transcription training. Our mature approach and collective knowledge of technologies, business applicability, and the cost-effectiveness enables us to understand our client’s demand and provide appropriate solution to any business need.

DocuPro is a pioneer in providing end-to-end transcription service. Our mission is to provide transcription services of the highest professional standards utilizing state-of-the art infrastructure with well-qualified and experienced administrative and operational team. We provide each client with a comprehensive landscape of transcription solution focusing on client need and requirements.

DocuPro medical transcriptionists are indisputably one of the best in the industry. We choose people who display high levels of expertise in English language and give them comprehensive training as per the guidelines and curriculum of American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT).

All our transcriptionists are oriented on the healthcare processes and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) compliance. They are also coached in medical terminology, human anatomy, diseases, surgical procedures, and drugs as well as in particular transcription-related software to enhance quality and productivity. They undergo continuous training programs to ensure that their knowledge and skills match the latest industry developments.

We provide accurate and reliable medical transcription services to individual physicians, group practices, clinics and hospitals.

  • Medical Transcription Quality
  • Physicians and Hospitals throughout Ghana choose DocuPro Limited for a variety of reasons; we like to think the main reason is our quality. We have been transcribing for several years and our experience shows.

    All our transcriptionists have a minimum of 6 months in-house intensive training to ensure they meet our high standards. Continuous training and monitoring are part of our daily process and we continue to invest in training and technology on an ongoing basis.

    Transcripts completed by our transcriptionists go to our Quality Control Department where they are checked again word by word by a senior transcriptionist known as an proof reader. This ensures the highest possible quality output.

    DocuPro Limited also makes extensive use of lexicons, dictionaries, directories and other lists and references built up over many years.

  • Transcription Process
  • The document scans & faxes received on DocuPro Limited secure servers are encrypted and downloaded. The files are then decrypted and distributed to transcriptionists. The positives and strengths (skill-based assignment) of each transcriptionist is considered when deciding on which specialty/doctor is being assigned to the transcriptionist so as to bring out the best in accuracy and deliverability from them.

  • Quality Control and Quality Audit
  • After the transcriptionists complete the medical reports, they are then picked up by first level proof readers, who are more experienced and more proficient, and they perform word-by-word checking to eliminate errors and omissions.

    After the first level of editors complete editing, the medical reports are picked up by account managers/team leaders and their job is to make the medical reports client acceptable in terms of quality and specifications. DocuPro Limited has employed methodologies that ensure the clients get accurate medical transcriptions consistently.

    DocuPro Limited is well geared up to deliver transcripts in all the following report types:

    • Autopsy Report
    • Chart Notes
    • Clinic Notes
    • Consultation
    • Discharge Summary
    • Echocardiograms
    • Emergency Department Notes
    • History and Physical Report
    • Labor and Delivery Notes
    • Medical Imaging Reports
    • Operative Report
    • Pathology Report
    • Physician Letters
    • Progress Note
    • Psychological Report
    • Radiology Report
    • Rehabilitation Notes

    DocuPro Limited is also specialized to deliver transcripts in all the following Medical Specializations:

    • Cardiology
    • Dermatology
    • ENT
    • Gastroenterology
    • Hematology
    • Internal Medicine
    • Nephrology
    • Neurology
    • Obstetrics/Gynecology
    • Oncology
    • Ophthalmology
    • Orthopedics
    • Pain Management
    • Pediatric Neurology
    • Pediatrics
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Podiatry

Biometric Identification Solutions Supply & Printing

DocuPro Limited’s goal is to promote the formation of the consolidated identification and verification solution based on the universal biometric platform. We specialize in the area of Government Service Delivery, Commercial Applications, System Protocols, Security Applications and Communications to provide International installation support, management and electronic consultancy and also to provide with quality hardware, software and peripherals including networking recommendation to our customers’ satisfaction at a competitive price. Aside from that, we are also committed to offer a full spectrum of services in strategy, systems operations and technology.

Our understanding of the relationship between mission and technology gives us an edge over the competition. The range of our services carries our customers from front-end planning to operation and maintenance.

Below are a few examples of the specific types of services we provide:

  • Biometric Card Printing
  • Biometric Card Supply
  • Biometric Data Capturing
  • Building Automation System
  • Internet and Intranet Solution
  • Local and Wide Area Networks
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Network Security
  • Security Management System
  • Software Development
  • System Integration and Engineering
  • System Operation & Maintenance
  • Web Enabled Solutions & Development

DocuPro Limited has a substantial amount of expertise and experience in civil identification systems involving biometrics. The staff of DocuPro Limited has wide experience in developing and implementing advanced solutions to the manufacturing, telecommunications, financial and the government sector. We have extensive experiences in the Microsoft Windows & NT, Unix, Linux, IBM AS/400 and Sun environment.

We have encompassed the application of the latest technology to some of the most complex processes in the industry, bringing DocuPro Limited to a pioneer position in total software solutions.

Enterprise Identity and Access Management Solution (EIAMS)

Every enterprise needs to identify its employees, contractors, visitors, and vendors etc. who enter the physical or virtual premises of the enterprise. Some of the enterprises like port authorities, public sector enterprises in coal, gas and mining sectors, defence establishments has statutory obligations to identify the people entering its premises to ensure safety and security of enterprise.

There is also increasing pressure on Governments, Public and Private Sector Enterprises to protect their employees, members of the public and business assets from terrorist attacks, criminal activities and thefts.

DocuPro provides an end to end Enterprise Identity and Access Management Solution that is robust, foolproof, cost effective and field proven. The solution ensures that right access is provided to right people at right time and protects the enterprise from unsolicited people.

  • The EIAMS is built in a modular fashion that comprise of several modular applications that can be easily customized to the needs of an enterprise
  • Web based Solution with Multi Layered Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Supports Multimodal Biometrics, Smart cards, RFID Technologies
  • Adheres to Open standards: ISO
    • ISO/IEC 19794-6 – Iris Image
    • ISO/IEC 19794-4 – Fingerprint
    • ISO/IEC 19794-5 – Face (Photo)
  • Scalable to multiple locations and millions of people
  • Field Proven: Working for one of the world’s largest petrochemical refineries for 520,000 people working in 9 sites with no downtime since inception (2007)

Enrolment Module
  • Multi biometric (Face, Fingerprint, Iris) enrolment along with capture of demographics, identity and address proofs.
  • Flexibility to choose biometric modalities: Face, Fingerprint, Iris
  • Inbuilt biometric quality check
  • Integration of certified biometric devices
  • Encryption of enrolment data to ensure privacy and security of data
  • Creation of biometric data in compliance with the International Biometric Open Standards

Identification Module
  • Ensures that a person is not registered more than once across the enterprise and ensures “One Person – One ID”
  • The solution supports both online and offline identification
  • Supports fusion of multimodal biometrics
  • High Performance: Response time of less than a second with unbelievable accuracy
  • Scalable to millions of people without affecting performance of the system

Credential and Authentication Module
  • Enables an individual access to a given physical or virtual facilities in the enterprise
  • Multifactor authentication through smart cards (contact/contactless), RFID tags, barcode and biometric
  • Match on Cards: Matching of biometrics inside the secure environment of smart card
  • Customizable printing and personalization of ID card including storing biometric data
  • Customizable access to facilities for individuals and user groups
  • Supports online and offline verification using biometrics

Identity Management Module
  • Manages the identity of an employee throughout the life cycle of an employee in the organization from the time of recruitment
  • Biometric enrolment of the employee during the first stage of recruitment, de-duplication against the existing employees biometric database to ensure one application per applicant and authentication of the employee at all subsequent stages of the recruitment process to avoid impersonation
  • Time and Attendance system with biometric authentication to eliminate sharing, swapping, stealing and loss of PINs, passwords and ID cards and integration with payroll
  • Flexible to define holidays, shifts, fixed and flexible timings, overtimes, leaves and exceptions
  • Disbursement of employee benefits like coupons, insurance, pension and health care services through biometric identification

Access Control Module
  • Enables selective restriction of access to a place or system to authorized persons only
  • Can be integrated to a door, turnstile, parking gate, elevator, fire alarm systems or other physical barriers where granting access can be electronically controlled
  • Flexibility to assign access permissions based on individuals, groups, doors, shifts, date, time and holidays
  • Dual person access: Two persons authentication to access very high secure facilities like bank lockers, data centers, currency & jewelry chests, intelligence bureau etc.

Contractual Labor Management Module
  • Biometric registration of contractual labor and de-duplication against existing database of labor to avoid duplicate registrations of same person
  • Background check verification through scanning of ID and address proof documents
  • Controls the proxy worker issue effectively by identifying the worker during all visits
  • Prevents access of labor debarred on account of misbehavior, vandalism, attempt of theft etc. into enterprise premises across all sites
  • Provide smart identity card with biometrics stored on it along with demographics and safety details like blood group, emergency contact details etc
  • Work order integration to monitor total number of workers
  • Monitoring time and attendance of labor and seamless integration with payroll system

Blacklist and Watchlist Management Module
  • Create black list of unsolicited people in the system
  • Restricting blacklisted people trying to enter and deny access to the enterprise by biometric identification
  • Creation of watchlist/suspect list of people and discreet monitoring of the movement of watchlisted people
  • Sending alerts to concerned authorities whenever blacklist/watchlist/suspect list of people try to access the enterprise

Mobile ID Module
  • Mobile ID provides an important security measure for enterprises that extends the functionality of static EIAMS to portable EIAMS.
  • Handheld biometric devices enables on the spot capture of biometrics, identification and verification of live biometrics against biometric data stored in the handheld or central biometric database through wireless or the biometric stored in smart cards /RFID tags
  • Security personnel can be able to instantly verify the identity of an individual and confirm access privileges.
  • Transfer of data of selected groups of people to handhelds

Visitor Management Module
  • Enrolment and biometric identification of visitors
  • Facility for authorized officers/employees to enter visitors details online before they enter the organization
  • Issuance of customizable visitor pass/card after enrolment and identification
  • Provide escort to visitors where required and authentication of escort and visitor to provide access.
  • Custom defined user groups of visitors: VIP visitors, frequent visitors, customers, vendors, maintenance staff etc and define exceptions for VIP group visitors
  • Tracking of visitor movement within the enterprise and alerts (SMS & email) on attempts to gain unauthorized access through a door for which the visitor has no permission

Central Administration Module
  • Provides centralized management capabilities to operators, officers and administrators of the enterprise
  • Multi user support system with role based access to the applications of the EIAMS
  • Privileges to the authorized personnel to view and modify data of enrolled people at any time from any of the sites
  • Assigning /revoking /debarring of access permissions
  • Linking of the logins of users to their biometric profiles and login authentication using biometrics

Alert Management Module
  • When EIAMS detects a situation that is a problem or might require attention, customized alert is produced.
  • Configure alert settings so that notifications can be sent to the appropriate alert recipient
  • Alerts can be sent in the form of emails, SMS or message at the Access control systems
  • Configurable door/gates operation upon receiving an alarm
  • Integration of alerts to external sirens and alarms

MIS Reporting Module
  • Customizable reports to the needs of end users of the system
  • Multiple search criteria based reports that allow drill-up and drill-down actions
  • To review the data at different levels
  • Saving and re-use of frequently used search criteria
  • Exportable to PDF/Excel format reports
  • Location wise number of people inside and outside of enterprise at any point of time and location wise number of enrolments for the day

Document Warehousing & Archival Solutions

DocuPro offers organizations the best off-site document and data storage available in Ghana and West Africa. Our growth is entrenched by the ever-increasing need for records and information management and storage. DocuPro also offers the expertise and experience through its partners and associates to address complex information challenges such as storages costs, regulatory compliance, and disaster recovery. Our solutions are focused on the “the lifecycle of a document”.

Many new and innovative document storage and management solutions have been implemented, adding to the cost effective and total solution on Information Management we offer clients.

DocuPro has secured a warehouse (1,500 sq.ft) for archiving, storage and implementation of a records centre with all the necessary start-up facilities to manage mass volumes of corporate and community information effectively, efficiently, economically and on a sustainable basis.

Technical provisions for the warehouse include, but are not limited to:

  • Prevention of potential external hazards (e.g. fire, flood etc.);
  • Suitable location;
  • Dedicated building solely for records storage;
  • Dedicated specialized container for Vault (Tape/Disk) Storage
  • Sufficient space for storage and access allowing for growth in volume.
  • Fire protection and safety: Alarm and suppressant system - Adequate equipment for early warning ( e.g. smoke detectors, fire alarms);
  • Security: Access status and control; Controlled access to storage areas; Unauthorized entry detection system;
  • Hard-wearing floor (resistant to chippings);
  • Occupational health and safety considerations
  • Shelving and Re-housing Equipment : Shelving I racking appropriate for each format of records e.g. files, maps, plans, drawings, microfilm rolls, and magnetic tapes
  • Protection from Rodents and termites

The following security measures and equipment are in place.

  • The premise is surrounded by rectangular wall, topped with electric fencing.
  • Guarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Access control at the entrance to the premises
  • Random searches of vehicles and personnel leaving the premises are conducted on an ongoing basis.
  • CCTV system monitored from control room.
  • Alarm system which covers the entire building.
  • Only Key personnel have keys and alarm codes to the building.
  • Visitors, unless accompanied by senior personnel are not allowed in the document storage area.

The following Fire Prevention is in place.

  • No smoking is allowed in the office or warehouse areas
  • All lighting and electrical appliances are switched off at a central point at night, over weekends and on public holidays.
  • No combustible or flammable substances are kept on the premises.

The building has the following Fire Protection in place:

  • Smoke and heat detectors.
  • An isolated sprinkler system with a backup pump and tanks.
  • Hose reels.
  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • CO2 fire protection located in the confidential document and electronic data storage Vault.