Software Development

Software Development

Docupro has a strong team of well-trained developers and uses a stringent process flow for the development of application from the customer requirement to the end product that addresses the two main gaps that in most software development organizations face

Agile Development: The development team is structured in such a way that there is no gap between the requirement and its transformation into code for testing. The team has both the business requirement expertise as well as development expertise thus conversion from business requirement to application development outcome becomes seamless.

The second and most critical gap is address by a special team that bridges the operational support team and the development team. Since this team is part of the development team as well as the operational support team, they are swift to understand and debug errors to get them fixed swiftly

Specific Applications Development: Docupro specializes in automation applications based on customer business models. We engage the customer to understand their business logic and develop application that solves their critical issues making their everyday business processes fully automated and easy to track.

Generic Application Development: Docupro has studied the market and developed off the shelf application that are hosted on the cloud for clients to use as is as well as having the option to customization for specific clients especially those in the banking area and corporate organizations.