Document Warehousing & Archival Solutions

Document Warehousing & Archival Solutions

DocuPro offers organizations the best off-site document and data storage available in Ghana and West Africa. Our growth is entrenched by the ever-increasing need for records and information management and storage. DocuPro also offers the expertise and experience through its partners and associates to address complex information challenges such as storages costs, regulatory compliance, and disaster recovery. Our solutions are focused on the “the lifecycle of a document”.

Many new and innovative document storage and management solutions have been implemented, adding to the cost effective and total solution on Information Management we offer clients.

DocuPro has secured a warehouse (1,500 sq.ft) for archiving, storage and implementation of a records centre with all the necessary start-up facilities to manage mass volumes of corporate and community information effectively, efficiently, economically and on a sustainable basis.

Technical provisions for the warehouse include, but are not limited to:

  • Prevention of potential external hazards (e.g. fire, flood etc.);
  • Suitable location;
  • Dedicated building solely for records storage;
  • Dedicated specialized container for Vault (Tape/Disk) Storage
  • Sufficient space for storage and access allowing for growth in volume.
  • Fire protection and safety: Alarm and suppressant system - Adequate equipment for early warning ( e.g. smoke detectors, fire alarms);
  • Security: Access status and control; Controlled access to storage areas; Unauthorized entry detection system;
  • Hard-wearing floor (resistant to chippings);
  • Occupational health and safety considerations
  • Shelving and Re-housing Equipment : Shelving I racking appropriate for each format of records e.g. files, maps, plans, drawings, microfilm rolls, and magnetic tapes
  • Protection from Rodents and termites

The following security measures and equipment are in place.

  • The premise is surrounded by rectangular wall, topped with electric fencing.
  • Guarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Access control at the entrance to the premises
  • Random searches of vehicles and personnel leaving the premises are conducted on an ongoing basis.
  • CCTV system monitored from control room.
  • Alarm system which covers the entire building.
  • Only Key personnel have keys and alarm codes to the building.
  • Visitors, unless accompanied by senior personnel are not allowed in the document storage area.

The following Fire Prevention is in place.

  • No smoking is allowed in the office or warehouse areas
  • All lighting and electrical appliances are switched off at a central point at night, over weekends and on public holidays.
  • No combustible or flammable substances are kept on the premises.

The building has the following Fire Protection in place:

  • Smoke and heat detectors.
  • An isolated sprinkler system with a backup pump and tanks.
  • Hose reels.
  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • CO2 fire protection located in the confidential document and electronic data storage Vault.