Document Management Solutions (DMS)

Document Management Solutions (DMS)

With regards to digitization and document management our objective therefore was to partner with an experienced world class player in this space. We found this partnership in DocuWare GmbH Europe.

As a technology oriented company, we strongly believe that realizing the benefits of digitization will require a collaborative public and private effort to bring document digitization to Ghana and the rest of the sub-region. As a result, we have positioned ourselves to assist institutions realize the benefits of this technology.

Our objective is to help shape and direct the digitization agenda of government and private institutions. We work hard to understand your challenges and combine our expertise with your collaboration to find the right solutions to adequately address them. We assist our clients through the collaboration of world class industry players to build the digital capabilities needed to make the solution work for you.

We have supported our clients with end-to-end solutions, determining how our strengths and capabilities will be brought to bear in their businesses, so they can be more competitive by being effective and efficient in their service delivery. These capabilities are unique to each company and contribute to differentiating it in the market place. We finally help our clients build digital capabilities, by working alongside them on the key processes, systems and tools, knowledge and skills, as well as organization that enable them to gain and sustain essential advantage in an increasingly digitized world.

Our digitization capabilities include text, image and audio digitization. We plan the project process according to the specific needs of our clients. We analyze and assess the broad aspect of the project and advice on the relevant technical requirements that will produce the expected results.

In order to meet the global standards required for such projects, we have partnered with DocuWare an international organization specializing in document management, preservation and storage. This local and international collaboration enables us to provide our clients with industry-standard Document Digitization and Archiving Services.

DocuPro aims to use our local expertise and international partnerships to assist clients achieve their objective of digitally managing documents which we believe will bring convenience to their operations.

DocuPro’s fundamental document preservation solution which also includes the attendant hardware and any third party tools of which we support organizations in acquiring at reasonable price, from genuine source and of highest quality. We provide the following services:

  • Automated Form Processing/Data Capture (ICR, OCR, BCR, OMP),
  • Biometric Identification Cards Supply & Printing,
  • Biometric Data Capturing and Integration,
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR),
  • Business Process Redesign, Automation and Management,
  • Digital Archival,
  • Document Imaging Bureau Services,
  • Electronic and Digital Signature,
  • Electronic Business Forms and Machine-Readable Business Forms,
  • Electronic Records and Document Management Solutions (ERDMS),
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM),
  • Paper Records Management

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